Disaster Management

Deputy Commissioner is the chairperson of the District disaster management authority

  • The elected representatives of the local authority shall be co-chairperson of the office, provided that in tribal areas, as referred to in the sixth schedule to the constitution the chief executive member of the district council of autonomous district shall be the co-chairperson ex officio.
  • The members of DDMA are Superintendent of Police, Chief Medical Officer(DHO), Chief Executive Officer – ZP, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Joint Director, Agriculture and Executive Engineer – ZP.
  • The district authorities shall act as the district planning; coordinating and implanting body for disaster and take all measures for purpose of disasters management in the district in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the national and the state authority.
  • Prepare a disaster management plan including district response plan for the district.
  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the National policy, State policy, National plan, State plan and District plan.
  • Ensure that the areas in the district vulnerable to disasters are identified and measures for the prevention of the disasters and the mitigation of its effects are undertaken by the departments of the government at the district level as well as by the local authorities.
  • Ensure that the guidelines for the prevention of disaster, mitigation of its effects preparedness and response measures as laid down by the National authority and the state authority are followed by all departments of the Government at the district level and the local authorities in the district.


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