About District

Bengaluru Urban District has the distinction of being the Karnataka State Capital. State Legislature and High Court are in its jurisdiction. It is the nerve center of Karnataka State’s Legislative, Judicial and Executive Administration. Bengaluru Urban District comprises five Taluks, namely

  • Bengaluru North

  • Bengaluru North(Addl.)

  • Bengaluru South

  • Bengaluru East and

  • Anekal

The district is the Principal Administrative unit below the state level. The Deputy Commissioner, being the head of the District Administration, is perhaps the only officer vested with powers under the largest number of both Central and State Laws. The D.C. office comes in direct contact with the people and people’s representatives at various levels. The office of the Deputy Commissioner apart from having many original works enumerated under different Acts and Rules has got the supervisory and coordinating roles at the district level. Apart from regulatory functions, the Deputy Commissioner guides and coordinates the developmental activities of the district.

Bengaluru Urban

Bengaluru Urban