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Bangalore City, known as the Capital City of Karnataka and also as the City of Parks, has been established and formed based on Karnataka State Policy Rules. in the year 1986 as per the Karnataka State Policy Rules. This district is located in the southeast of the state. The pleasant weather of the district has attracted people from all over the country. Bangalore City has been identified to be the fastest growing city in Asia. There are many central, state and private factories located in the district. Bangalore University, Agricultural University and Universities are working on the progress of education. There are four taluks in the district, 4 hoblies in Bengaluru’s South taluk, 3 hoblies in Bangalore East taluk, 6 hoblies in Bangalore North taluk and 4 hoblies in Anekal taluk. To ease out the administrative activities some of the areas of Bengaluru North Taluk – in and around Yelahanka have been organised as Bengaluru North (Addl) Taluka. The administrative center of this district is Bangalore city and also is the Capital City of Karnataka.