Bhoomi – Comprehensive System of Land Management

      Bhoomi – a flagship project of Karnataka State Government, is a Land Records management system. The project was inaugurated in the year 2000. Under this project, all the manual RTCs which prevailed at the time of data entry were digitized and made available to the citizen through Kiosk Centres. All the ownership or any other changes in the RTCs are carried out through mutation as per KLR Act using the Land Records database. Bhoomi back offices have been set up at 176 taluks, 1 additional taluk & 26 special taluks of the state. In each of these centres LR Kiosk & Application Kiosk have also been setup.

      RTCs are also being issued at 892 Atalji Jana Snehi Kendras, 6019 Gram Panchayats & various tele-centers across the state.

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