Organisation Chart

Organisation ChartThe Revenue Department is the oldest department and considered as mother of all departments with its history from pre-British period. The department basically deals with all the matters pertaining to land, besides responsible for of law and order in the state.  The Revenue administration is governed by the Land Revenue Act 1964 and Land Revenue Rules 1966. The Revenue department officer is also responsible for enforcement of various Acts/Rules. The Deputy Commissioner’s Office comes under the Revenue department and looks after the overall administration of the district and maintains Law and Order. Deputy Commissioner is head of the district administration. Various Sections coming under the purview of the Deputy Commissioner are as below

ADMINISTRATIVE SECTION– Deals with the matters relating to Vacancies, Appointments, Pay and Allowances, Transfers, and Promotions, Posting, Pensions, C.C.A. Personal Deposit Accounts, Audit Reports. D.C.Diary and Business Statistics, and all Establishment Matters.

REVENUE SECTION-Deals with Jamabandi, Land Revenue, Assessment, Collection, and Collection of Arrears of Land Revenues, Land Grants, Land Acquisition, Land Conversion, P.T.C.L. Appeals, Land Reforms, Mines and Minerals, and Regularization of Encroachments

ELECTION SECTION-Deals with the Election matters pertaining to Loksabha, Vidhanasabha, Vidhana Parishat, Local Bodies, APMCS. And other Co-operative Institutions.

BENGALURU URBAN DEVELOPMENT CELL-Deals with all the matters pertaining to Urban Local Bodies of CMCs. and TMCs.

MUZARAI SECTION-Deals with construction renovation of Muzarai Temples and other affairs of these Temples, Aradhana, Tasdik, Annceity, Appointment of Dharmadarshies and Payment to Archaks, etc .,

JUDICIAL SECTION-Deals with Magisterial Functions of District Magistrates, issue of Licences for Explosives, Arms and Ammunition Cinemas, maintenance of Law and Order etc.,

MPLADS and K.L.L.D.S. SECTION-Deals with sanction, execution and supervision of works under MPLADS and KLLADS Schemes.

CALAMITY SECTION-Deals with the matters pertaining to all types of Natural Calamities like, Fire Accidents, Scarcity, Flood, Earthquake, Lightening etc.,

ASHRAYA SECTION-Deals with Grant, Construction and Execution of houses under Ashraya Scheme in urban areas, Grant of house, sites and purchase of land for Ashraya Scheme

CENSUS SECTION-Deals with Census matters.

MISCELLANEOUS SECTION-Deals with N.S.A.P., OAP, PHP. DWP and Other Schemes. It also deals with meetings, PWD Works, issued of Income and Caste Certificates, HRC and other Miscellaneous matters of Revenue Department.

PROTOCOL SECTION-Deals with protocol matters pertaining to the visit of V V I Ps. and Other Dignitaries etc.,